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Deeply Anonymous Constituent

A constituent who has made gift(s) to the University and/or associated foundations while requesting that their identity not be revealed, even internally.  For questions regarding anonymous constituents and/or their giving, please contact the executive director of donor relations at University Development.


  • The spouse of an EWP, NOT the primary EWP.
  • In most cases the primary is EWP, and the secondary is 1WP. There will be occasional cases, just as with PGP’s, where both spouses are EWP’s in their own right.


  • Stands for “Emerging Wealth Prospect”
  • Identifies prospects who are expected to become PGP’s and have potential to make $5M+ gift in future
  • For example: 1) may indicate someone whose company potentially will be sold/go public and gain significant personal wealth as a result; 2) successful serial entrepreneur who is still actively creating/building businesses; 3) owner/partial owner of publicly traded company showing signs of healthy or continued growth; or 4) ranked in publications (ex. Top 30 Under 30), member of a prestigious organization (ex. Geeks on a Plane), etc.
  • Differs from FPG because their potential future wealth is mainly business-related.


  • Stands for “Family of Principal Gift (Prospect)”
  • Family members that are not quite PGP’s in their own right yet, but may become PGP’s through family wealth.
  • Differs from EWP below because their potential future wealth is family inheritance-related.


  • The spouse of a PGP who is NOT the primary PGP.
  • In most cases, this applies to most PGP couples – the primary is PGP, and the secondary is 1PG. There are rare cases where both spouses are PGP’s in their own right.


  • Stands for “Principal Gift Prospect”
  • Capacity = $5M+ gift
  • Inclination = possible
  • May choose not to flag A-rated prospects as PGP’s if development officer knows the inclination is simply not there to give a principal gift (example: non-alumni, A-rated prospects who gave to Carolina for Kibera only, not even realizing it was part of UNC). In most cases, their A-rating will remain if they are inclined to give smaller gifts.
  • In cases where A-rated prospects specifically told UNC not to contact them, or development officer says it’s a dead end, we will change their rating to “XA-rated.”
  • Not all PGP’s will be rated “A.” Some will be rated B, C, D, etc. because they do not have verifiable assets of $100M+, but internal or volunteer sources confirm the capacity to give $5M+, so they are coded PGP. (Example: never married, no children, bequest is half of estate and valued at $5 million+).


For Purposes in Davie, the Administrator is the location where the Purpose is held. Ex: University Endowment of Medical Foundation.


The execution of tasks, typically in sequence,  to support a business process or requirement.


A character that represents one or more other characters, typically used when searching a database. Standard wildcard characters include the asterisk (*), percent sign (%), and question mark (?).


A company utilized to accomplish a certain task as part of the direct marketing program or event.  A direct marketing program or event team might hire dozens of vendors to accomplish its marketing goals or event tasks.