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Davie is the University of North Carolina’s alumni and development database. It is the source of credible, accurate information about alumni, private contributions, memberships, University events and other relevant data for the exclusive use of the Advancement staff at Carolina.

After a campus-wide contest to name the system with over 125 entries, Davie (Database for Advancing our Vision of Institutional Excellence) was chosen by the Executive Steering Committee. Our logo honors the University’s founder, William Richardson Davie.

Individuals requesting access to Davie must have Advancement-related responsibilities within the University (school, center, department), the General Alumni Association, or an Associated Entity/Foundation.

Advancement-related responsibilities include:

  • Advancement Services
  • Alumni Affairs/Relations
  • Alumni Communications
  • Development and Fundraising

Individuals must have a valid UNC ONYEN and approval from their immediate supervisor as well as approval from their associated advancement office leadership.

Individuals not directly involved in advancement-related function may also request access. Access is granted based on business need and requires approval/sponsorship from their associated advancement office leadership. For example, individuals in finance with the responsibility of reconciling gift accounts gift accounts may need access to Davie.

For any questions regarding Davie, you can:

  1. Email the Davie Helpdesk at
  2. Submit at ticket via the Request Help link on the Davie portal