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  • The spouse of a PGP who is NOT the primary PGP.
  • In most cases, this applies to most PGP couples – the primary is PGP, and the secondary is 1PG. There are rare cases where both spouses are PGP’s in their own right.
  • The spouse of an EWP, NOT the primary EWP.
  • In most cases the primary is EWP, and the secondary is 1WP. There will be occasional cases, just as with PGP’s, where both spouses are EWP’s in their own right.
Accepted Opportunity Status

An accepted opportunity status signifies that the prospect confirms that he/she will contribute based on the solicitation. This does not necessarily mean the gift or pledge is booked. Gift services staff can link an accepted opportunity to incoming revenue. The ask amount should be also updated at this stage to signify the amount accepted.


The constituent being thanked for a gift.


The device (letter, postcard, phone call) that thanks the donor for his/her gift.

Acknowledgement Process

Located in the Marketing and Communications area of Davie, process backed up by specific queries for each site. Running the process creates a list of donors to be thanked for their gifts.

Each site may have multiple processes, depending upon their criteria for acknowledging gifts. i.e. – regular gifts, recurring gifts, tributes, etc.


Donor acquisition programs are essential for any direct marketing program. Donors are acquired from internal and external lists. Strong direct marketing programs utilized a combination of donor acquisition and donor renewal campaigns.

Acquisition List

List acquired through outside party of constituents not in Davie.


Define what a user is allowed to do on a selected section or page. The program supports two action types: section level actions and page level actions.


Process taken when a marketing effort is complete and ready to mail in “real life”; Must be done in order to create finder numbers and attach them to each individual record in preparation for revenue processing.


Plan steps, event registrations, memberships, (contact reports).

Ad hoc Query

Query that can be defined by the user to extract and manipulate data for specific purposes. Queries allow users the ability to select, group, and list records that meet a set of conditions defined in the criteria that are pulled from nodes (data tables). Ad-hoc queries serve two main purposes. A way to see data filtered to the department’s needs as well as produce selections for use in other processes throughout the program.


The one to whom something is addressed; the person, company, or the like to whom a piece of mail is addressed.


A correction to the constituent, coding, amount, or type (ex: hard to recognition credit) of a donation. Adjustments can be presented by donors or internal staff.


For Purposes in Davie, the Administrator is the location where the Purpose is held. Ex: University Endowment of Medical Foundation.


An alias is a secondary identification or acronym used to identify a constituent. For example, an alias for Business Information Systems may be BIS and an alias for a constituent may be a stage name or a known name while attending the University. Aliases.

Alternate Lookup Id

Another way to find a constituent in Davie besides the main lookup ID. Ex: GAA Life Member Number, GAA Key Ring Number.

Alumnus Constituency

Attended as a fulltime undergraduate student for at least one semester at UNC.

Annual Gift Plan Type

Lasts for one year, generally applied to gifts of less than $25,000.


A method of solicitation tracked in Davie.
– Umbrella term for overall solicitation; Can be associated with Designation(s), Fundraising team, Benefits, Documentation; Rollup reporting for multiple efforts in a marketing campaign or timeframe.