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Tokens is a method for recording and viewing items that have been given to a person for cultivation or stewardship purposes.  There is a UNC Tokens subtab on the Documentation and Interactions tab on all constituent records.  Tokens can be added individually by users or in bulk by submitting a ticket to Davie Support.  Below is a brief outline of the new functionality and how it should be used.

What should go in the Tokens area?
Any significant or substantial item provided for cultivation or stewardship purposes.  Tokens may best be described as what they are not.

  • A token is NOT something provided in exchange or as a “thank you” for a specific donation or commitment, or anything else that will affect the tax implications of a donor’s giving.  All questions regarding these gifts must go to Gift Services.
  • A token is NOT an insignificant item that is simply part of a mailing or given to attendees of an event that is already tracked somewhere else on a constituent’s record.  For example, stickers, regular pens/pencils, drink cozies, informational booklet, etc.

How do I view tokens on a constituent’s record?
All users can view tokens by visiting a constituent’s record, clicking on the Documentation and Interactions tab, and then clicking the UNC Tokens subtab.  All tokens given to both the constituent and the constituent’s current spouse will be displayed.  Like most lists in Davie, columns can be added and sorted, results can be filtered, and the list can be downloaded to Excel.

How do I add tokens to a constituent’s record?

  • To add tokens to a single record, simply click the “Add” button when viewing tokens on a constituent’s record.  A form will appear displaying required and optional fields.  Complete the form and click “Save”.

  • To add tokens in bulk, submit a Davie Help ticket using the Request Help link on the Davie portal.  This is a great solution if you have 20 or more tokens that need to be added at once.  The file template for batch token import is available online by visiting the Davie Portal and searching for “Tokens”.

Can I add an item that is not in the drop-down list?
The list of available items is restricted to what shows in the drop down on the “Add a token” form.  Specific details can be added in the description field, which is free text.  There is an “Other” option in each category to allow for more flexibility.  Please send requests for adding a new category/item in a Davie Help ticket.  We fully anticipate adding new items as we grow this functionality.
A complete list of available items is available online by visiting the Davie portal and searching for “Tokens”.

What else should I know about tokens?

  • There is a node available in the query designer (labeled Tokens).  All fields are available for query.
  • Fundraisers and stewardship coordinators can edit existing tokens.  If a token needs to be edited or deleted and you do not have the necessary permissions, simply submit a Davie Help ticket.
  • Token Fields and Descriptions
    • Given By/On Behalf Of – (Required) Fundraiser/Stewardship Coordinator/Staff who is responsible for the prospect receiving the token.
    • Presented By – (Optional) Staff member that physically presented the item.  For instance, a token may have been “Given By/On Behalf Of” the Chancellor, but the token was physically “Presented By” a gift officer who is working with that prospect.
    • Site – (Required) Site associated with the token
    • Category – (Required) All available items belong to a category.
    • Item – (Required) The actual item being given.  Requests to add new values must be submitted to Davie Support.
    • Date Given – (Required) Date the item was sent or given to prospect
    • Delivery Method – (Required) Method used to give token to prospect
    • Purpose – (Required) Reason token was given to prospect
    • Quantity – (Required) Defaults to 1
    • Item Description – (Optional, but encouraged) Specifics about the token (book title, design on shirt, image in a Carolina print, etc.)
    • Comments – (Optional) Any additional important information, possibly about the purpose for the token or details regarding the meeting or presentation.


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