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The UNC Event Check-In “App” is a mobile friendly webpage. It is a flexible way to quickly check-in event attendees and will also allow for some registration options. It can be used on a computer, phone, or tablet and does not require the device to be on campus or connected to the VPN. It requires onyen log in and updates Davie in real-time.


Key Points

  • You must log in to the app and be a Coordinator on the Davie Event to update the event via the Event Check-In App
  • This app can update attendance for any registrant or register invited constituents and unnamed guests
    • If the Unnamed Guest needs to be linked to a constituent that was not invited to the event, that can be done within Davie.
  • This app is not intended to register and take payment for events that have a registration cost


Required Set Up

  • The event must exist in Davie
  • Only Davie users that are added as a Coordinator on the Davie event will have access to update attendance for an event. Coordinators can be added when creating the Davie event or by clicking on the Tasks/Coordinators tab when on an existing event.
  • Constituents must be registered for or invited to the event.


How to Access an Event on the App

  • Open a browser and go to
  • Log in with onyen credentials
  • All Davie events with a Start Date 4 days in the past or future will appear
  • Click on desired event and click START CHECKING IN
  • If the signed-in user is not a coordinator for the Davie event, it will be view-only access. It can take some time for newly created events or newly added coordinators to be updated on the site (an hour or two).


Check-In App Overview

Below is a screenshot of the Check-In App along with description for the various components. Below the screenshot are explanations of the different buttons and their functions.


How to Use the App to Update Attendance for Registrants

  • To simply check in a registrant, click CHECK IN by their name

  • For Additional Options for a registrant awaiting check-in, click the arrow next to CHECK IN
    • Group Check-in allows check in of an entire group, if the registrant is a host or guest
    • Mark as No-Show updates the registrant’s status to no-show

  • Once a registrant has been checked-in or marked as no-show, they will be moved to the appropriate list. The option to REVERT that choice will remove the attendance status and put them back in the Awaiting Check-in


How to Register New Constituents

  • New Registrations can only be added if there is no cost associated to the registration option
  • New Unnamed Guests can be added and associated to existing registrants
    • At the bottom of the page, click ADD A GUEST
    • Type in the guest’s name, select a registration option, select a host, and click SUBMIT
    • This creates an Unnamed Guest and adds the Guest Name. It does not create a constituent record.
    • If the Unnamed Guest needs to be linked to a constituent that was not invited to the event, that can be done within Davie.
  • Constituents that have been invited can be registered
    • At the top of the page, toggle off the indicator labeled Registered Only. This will show registered and invited constituents
    • For those constituents that were invited but did not register, click the Arrow by INVITED and click Register.
    • A box will appear, allowing the registration option to be selected and any additional guests to be added.
    • Click Register and Check in when complete
  • Walk-In Registration is displayed as an option at the bottom of the page but is currently not available and is planned as a future enhancement.


Self Check-In

  • If desired, a streamlined version of this app is available, allowing for event attendees to check themselves in.
  • At the top of the page, set the toggle for Registered Only to the desired setting. Only displaying those registered will likely be simpler for attendees to use the app.
  • At the bottom of the page, click the option labeled SELF CHECK-IN MODE
  • This displays only those awaiting check in, the basic check-in options, and the Filter by Name option.
  • To exit SELF CHECK-IN MODE, at the bottom right of the list is a small, inconspicuous link labeled (Full). Clicking this will return the app back to standard mode.

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