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Watch this video for a quick demo on how to submit a change request.


Updated 2/25/2020

Below you will find the full Change Request Manual with more in-depth information.

Download printable version

The constituent Change Request Form is in the upper left corner of the screen on an individual’s or organization’s page.

change request 1 Use the form to make a change request on the following:

  • Personal/Organization Information (Name, Gender, DOB, etc.)
  • Contact Information
  • Relationships
  • Other changes

DO NOT use the form for duplicate merge requests, Deceasing Requests, Special Codes, or Communication Preferences (see the end of the manual for how to request these items).

If you need to request updates on more than five records, submit a Davie Help Desk ticket and include a spreadsheet with the PIDs and updated information, rather than submitting an individual request for each one.

The form is multi-purpose, so you only need to fill out the areas you wish to change. The form below is for individuals and will be slightly different for organizations.

change request 2


The Reason field at the top is required. To assist in processing your request, please provide as much information as possible. Items to Include:

  • Reason and context for the change
  • Source of the information
    • If the information did not come directly from the constituent, a website for verification of the change, if possible
  • Additional information regarding your request that you cannot fit elsewhere on the request form
  • DO NOT use this area for miscellaneous change requests that do not fit elsewhere. Use the Other Changes area at the bottom of the form.

change request 3


Open the poplars on the left edge of the green header bars to expand any areas you need to fill out.

  • Personal/Organization Information
    • This section will change, depending on if you are on an individual or organization record. (See two screenshots below.)
    • The Website field is for the website of the individual or organization, NOT for a link to a website that supports your change request. (Supporting links should go in the Reason field at the top of the form, shown in the screenshot above.)

change request 4


change request 5


  • Contact Information – Each area has a section to request new information be added or to edit existing information
    • Addresses:
      • Add New – Use if you are:
        • Adding a new address
        • Replacing an existing address or the constituent has moved
          • If the constituent has moved, Click the Moved? checkbox in the Add New DO NOT edit the existing address in the Edit Existing list.
        • NOTE that Address Type, City, and State are required

change request 7

      • Edit Existing – Use if you are:
        • Correcting an error or typo
        • Updating Type/Primary/Do Not Contact
        • Adding an End Date when there is no new address to replace the old one.
          • Note that you cannot request an End Date on a Primary address.
        • If the constituent is an individual and has a new Business Address, please provide information regarding any change in employment in the Business Relationships area.

change request 8

    • Phones and Emails:
      • Add New – Use if you are:
        • Adding a phone number or email
        • Replacing an existing phone or email
          • Click the Replace Old? checkbox in the Add New list. DO NOT edit the existing phone/email in the Edit Existing list.
      • Edit Existing – Use if you are:
        • Correcting an error or typo
        • Updating Type/Primary/Do Not Contact

change request 10


change request 11

    • If you accidentally add a blank row to the Add New list, you can delete it by clicking the gray box at the left side of the row and clicking the delete key on your keyboard.


  • Relationships
    • This section will change, depending on if you are on an individual or organization record.
    • Use the free-text fields for new relationships or changes to existing relationships.
    • Use the appropriate field, depending on the type of relationship.
      • For Individuals:
        • Personal Relationships – marriage, divorce, parents, children, etc.
        • Business Relationships – employment changes, retirement, etc.
      • For Organizations:
        • Relationships with Individuals – board/foundation members, employees, contacts for the org, etc.
        • Relationships with Other Organizations – parent, subsidiary, etc.
    • Provide the type of relationship and be specific about who is who in the relationship.
    • Provide PIDs and names of records that are in Davie.
    • If the related records are not in Davie, or you cannot find them in Davie, provide full name and contact information. There is no need to submit a separate Add New Individual/Organization Request in Davie for these situations.
    • If you are changing an existing relationship, be sure to specify which relationship needs to change and the related individual’s PID and name.
    • Provide additional context, if needed, as relationship change requests may be complex. For example, marriages, divorces, and employment changes may require changes to addresses and other relationships, in addition to the main relationship.

change request 12


change request 13


  • Other Changes
    • Use this area for any changes that do not fit in the existing areas of the form.
    • DO NOT use this area to request merging of duplicate records, submit Deceasing Requests, or request updates to Special Codes or Communication Preferences. Submit these requests using the existing buttons on the constituent’s left side bar or the appropriate tabs.

change request 14

When you are done filling out the form, click the Save button to submit your changes. You will receive an email summarizing the change, and another email when the request has been completed. Requests can take a few days to process, especially if they are complex. If it has been an extended time since you submitted your request, and you have not received confirmation it is complete, please submit a Davie helpdesk ticket.


Duplicate Merges, Deceasing Requests, Special Codes, Communication Preferences

The following change requests are processed outside of the main Change Request system. The screenshots indicate where to find the request buttons for these items.

  • Duplicate Merges

change request 15

  • Deceasing Requests

change request 16

  • Special Codes

change request 17

  • Communication Preferences

change request 18

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