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What is an Export Process?

Most Davie processes identify the “who” using various methods, mark constituents with the communication, and then create a file using fields in an export definition. An Export Process uses a single query/selection to identify the “who”, it does not mark records in any way, and creates a file using an export definition. It is a simple way to get information about a population when not running a communication process.

What is an Export Definition and how is it used?

An export definition is a defined set of fields which can return a wide variety of information about a population. It returns one row per constituent, and often has many fields/columns. Export definitions are used in various Davie processes, such as correspondence processes, marketing efforts, event invitation processes, and export processes. The different processes each function in a unique way, but the final file generated by the process is created using an export definition.

How can I alter the fields in an Export Definition?

For an export definition that belongs to your site, if you wish to add, remove, or reorder the columns, submit a ticket to Davie Support. Only a UDO Business Analyst should alter an export definition.

How to Run an Export Process

  1. Click Administration from the Navigation Menu. Select Export if you are not taken directly to the list of export processes.
  2. Search for Export Processes for site
  3. Click on Poplar and select Edit
  4. Click the magnifying glass by Selection, and search for desired selection. This can either be a query saved as a selection or an existing import selection.
  5. For Export definition, ensure desired export definition for your site is populated.
    1. Some sites have multiple export definitions for different purposes
    2. To alter which export definition is populated, click the magnifying glass and search for desired definition.
  6. Click Save
  7. Click Poplar and select Start Export
  8. Once the process is complete, click Download output from the Recent Status tab
  9. Files are only current as of when they were created. The Export Process must be rerun if updated information is required.
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