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Since going live with the Change Request form, we have made a few changes/updates to the form, and we also need to reiterate a few key elements that should ALWAYS be followed when submitting change requests:


  • REMINDER: The First field of the form should be used to detail the following:
    • Reason for the change request, any supporting information, and the source of the information.
      • Please DO NOT simply say “updating the email address” in this field. We NEED to know who gave us the info, why they want the change, etc. for proper documentation. Not providing this information will delay the update.
      • Please DO NOT use this field for any other purpose.  If what you need to change doesn’t apply to a section, please use the Other Changes section towards the bottom of the form.  Note, your request may be rejected until we receive more information.
  • UPDATE:  Please also use the Other changes section of this form to request the merging of duplicate records.  It allows us to maintain the documentation of why a record is no longer in Davie.
  • UPDATE: Please note, when you submit a request to add a new address/email/phone that replaces an old address/email/phone, please DO NOT also request to edit the old contact information.  This step is not necessary.
  • CHANGE: If you have 10 or more changes, please put them in a spreadsheet with the following:
    • PIDs
    • Current information
    • New Information along with type (i.e. personal email)
    • Reason for the change
    • Source of the change
    • Send to the help desk.
  • CHANGE: If you have a request to create more than 10 brand new records to Davie, please submit through the help desk and follow the guidelines for the Data Management Standard for Constituent Batch Files. New record requests are done through a separate form from the new change request system so this will assist in streamlining this process.


Download Change Request Manual PDF