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In order to provide more granularity in querying and available data for exports, we have added the UNC Constituent Academic Recognition node.  All the activity that is summarized by the traditional aggregates (gift recognition) can now be accessed in detail, with additional information about the gift and designation.  The full list of fields is displayed below.

academic recognition

Since this is the detail version of what is provided in the Aggregates, please note that only gift payment and matching gift claim recognition is returned.  Pledges and Planned Gifts are not included, and gifts without recognition will not be included.  And, since it is recognition, this can only be used to review a donor’s recognition and activity, it cannot be used to pull financial or reporting information.

The field named Tribute Gift is a Yes/No field that identifies if there is a tribute gift on any portion of the original gift.  If a gift was split among many designations but only part of the gift has tribute information, this field will still display Yes for all recognition credits associated with that gift.

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