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Enter your regular Davie UN and PW. You will find the basketball central app is located under the EVENTS tab.



Adding a request:

  1. Click on Add Basketball Central Ticket Request.
  2. A box will pop up where you can search for your record as the requestor (you can also search for a colleague, if you’d like the ticket request to be from them).
  3. You will then search for the donor. NOTE: All requests must be made through Davie and all individuals/corporations/foundations must have a PID. You can request a PID to be made before you enter someone in Basketball Central, if needed. No requests will be taken via email or any other communication, not in Basketball Central.
  4. Event is the game you would like them to be invited to. NOTE: You can put an alternate game in the comment section, or if you just want them to be invited to ANY game, you can put that as well.
  5. Then select the number of tickets you are requesting for the donor. This goes up to 6. Please include guest names and PIDs in the comment section.
  6. Priority ranking is how important this request is for your development shop. We want to know if you submit multiple requests for a game, who is the most important person for your school/unit, so we can help you accommodate their request.
  7. You can select the following in Basketball Central: Tickets and Parking, Parking Only, and ACC Halftime Only (Has own tickets).
  8. There is a box you can check if this is an “Urgent Request.” That would be a donor that is making travel plans, may be anxious to hear about tickets or someone that requires immediate attention due to their level of giving.
  9. The comment box can be used for anything else you need to tell us about this request. This can include any mobility issues, notes about a guest of the donor, etc.



Email Confirmation:
Once you submit a request you will receive an automated response, showing your request. Additionally once your request has been approved/denied or updated by the Administrator, you will receive an automated email with that information.




Viewing All of your Requests:
Under the EVENTS tab, in the Basketball Central app you can click: View Ticket Requests

NOTE: This is where you will see updates about your request and any notes that the administrator has changed about your request.





  1. We have a new prospect without a PID. How do I request tickets for them?
    • You will need to submit a DAVIE help ticket and a have a PID created before you can submit them as a request.
  2. What information do you need in my donor’s record to be able to approve/deny and invite them to a game?
    • Ratings will be important when determining approvals and seating. You can always put in additional information in the comment box of your request.
  3. I just need halftime access or parking for a couple of donors, do I have to submit a request separately?
    • Yes, just select the halftime only or parking only option in the seating preference pull down.
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