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WORKFLOW CHANGE – Invitation Process

The process for getting a file to use for sending invitations is now similar to other communication processes in Davie.  The process is outlined below, but we encourage taking the new training to get a hands-on understanding.

New process for getting a file for sending invitations

  • Create the event in Davie
  • Create an invitation process
    • NAMING CONVENTION – Each invitation should start with the name of the event, followed by the invitation name.  For example, UDO FY20 Fall Stewardship Event Mail Invitation
    • A process should be specifically mail or email.  If both mailed and emailed invitations will be sent, two invitation processes must be created.
    • Please use this for Save the Date communications as well.  Multiple invitations can be created to keep lists separate (save the date vs. invitation, regular invite vs. special invite to board members, etc.)
  • Submit Request Bulk Add Invitees/Process invitation
    • Click the link for an invitation to get to the invitees list.
      1. Users can add invitees one at a time, for seeds, special additions, or small lists.
    • To add invitees using a query or import selection, there is a new request form that can be submitted within Davie. (screenshots below)
      1. There is also a comment field as needed and should be used to communicate special requests (such as, requesting a file of those excluded or highlighting if it is an opt-in group that shouldn’t have solicit codes applied (e.g. board meetings))
    • This same request form is used to request the invitation be processed.
    • Processing the invitation will mark constituent records with the communication, mark them as invited to the event, and provide a file to use for sending the communication.



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