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January 27, 2017

Stands for “Emerging Wealth Prospect” Identifies prospects who are expected to become PGP’s and have potential to make $5M+ gift in future For example: 1) may indicate someone whose company potentially will be sold/go public and gain significant personal wealth … Read more

Export Definition

November 10, 2014

Export definitions allow a school or site to specify which data elements they want to see in an output. Export definitions are used to display a constituent’s data on one complete row and can be formatted based on the school’s … Read more


November 10, 2014

A process by to extract data from Davie. Export processes are based on Queries.  Exports can be done on demand or scheduled for future execution.

Expected Maturity Year

November 10, 2014

The year that is it estimated the gift will become fully the property of the charity.  This may be the year the last beneficiary is estimated to die, or may be based on a fixed time period, as the terms … Read more


November 10, 2014

Exclusion is a term used to mean taking a constituent or constituents with certain criteria out of the marketing effort. Deceased individuals, for example, would be excluded from all marketing efforts using the Exclusions tab.

Event Expense

November 10, 2014

A debt you incur or plan to incur when you host an event. Ex: catering costs, rental fees, mailing costs, printing fees, etc.


November 10, 2014

Contact method. An interaction at an event with a prospect.


November 10, 2014

All the assets and liabilities of individuals or entities, such as corporations, trusts, or partnerships. The most common sorts of estates thought of in planned giving are the estates of living individuals and decedents.

Endowment Agreement

November 10, 2014

The document specifying the terms and conditions of the endowed fund a donor signs when setting up an endowment.