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Some organizations match revenue that their employees or corporate partners give to nonprofit organizations. For example, AAA Concrete matches revenue given by their employees on a two-to-one ratio when gifts meet certain criteria. Mark Adamson, an AAA Concrete employee, gives Carolina $200. Because AAA Concrete matches revenue given by their employees, we receive an additional $400 from AAA Concrete, if Mark Adamson’s revenue meets the criteria set by AAA Concrete.  When we receive Mark Adamson’s revenue, a payment record that contains the important information about the revenue is created. From the payment, we can create a matching gift claim for AAA Concrete. A matching gift claim represents a constituent’s claim that an organization will make a donation based on revenue given by the constituent. When we receive the matching revenue from AAA Concrete, a new matching gift payment for AAA Concrete’s revenue will be added and applied toward AAA Concrete’s matching gift claim to reduce the balance.

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