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Event Management

When you create and manage events in the Events functional area of Davie, you can track each event’s progress, expenses, registration options, invitations, seating, and more. This valuable information helps you determine the financial success of your events.

Lesson Objectives

After you complete this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Describe the events process.
  • Search for an event.
  • Enter event locations and lodging locations.
  • Create a new event.
  • Add a multi-level event.
  • Add an event coordinator.
  • Add event tasks.
  • Add registration options, preferences, and packages.
  • Add an expense.
  • Add an event appeal.
  • Add an event speaker.
  • Add a lodging option to an event.
  • Create event invitations.
  • Add event registrants and guests.
  • Configure a seating layout.
  • Assign registrants to seats.
  • Run key event reports.