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Membership Programs

Membership Programs in Davie

Historically, GAA has been the only site that managed their membership programs in Davie.  Carolina Performing Arts and Ackland are now also using this module, and we anticipate a similar implementation for NC Botanical Garden in the near future.

What does this mean? – When viewing a constituent record, if the constituent has an active or lapsed membership to any of these areas, the Member constituency will appear.  Clicking the constituency will display the newly remodeled Memberships tab

Example of record

The Memberships tab now has subtabs.  By default, the All Memberships subtab will be first, which will display all memberships the constituent has ever had, in no particular order.  The other subtabs display the exact same membership information, but only for memberships of the specific site.

example of record


Like all other tabs in Davie, a user can change the order of the subtabs.  This allows users to decide which membership activity is most important to them, move that subtab to the far left, which will then always display first navigating to the Memberships tab.

example of record

You may see a tab named Memberships OLD in the middle of other tabs on a constituent record.  If this tab is not at the far right of available tabs, feel free to move it there as it is no longer needed for viewing membership information.

example of record